Escuelas de Español

Spanish courses offered in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, are part of a university extension program for foreign students, who have interest in learning or improve their Spanish. The program is run by Spanish Schools and Academies, which have an agreement with Universidad Rural de Guatemala.

The regular courses of each level last for three weeks, and the intensive levels for two weeks.

When each level is passed, a diploma will be issued, which certifies the level attained.

Description of the levels:

The offered levels are

To apply for Intermediate or Advanced level, students must achieve the level of the correspondent course by means of a placement test.

  • Diploma: When the level is successfully approved.
  • Grade for promotion: 61/100 as minimum.
  • Hours by level
    • Regular: 60 hours: 4 daily hours for 3 weeks.
    • Advanced: 60 hours: 6 daily hours for 2 weeks


  • Fill out application
  • Enclose passport photocopy to application
  • Submit to placement test in case of first registration for the intermediate or advanced level

Procedure for obtaining a Diploma and Authenticating the program:

  • The student must fill and sign the application to the university extension (the authorized Spanish School or Academy).
  • The student must receive the minimum contents of each level, in a process of total immersion within the number of established hours.
  • The student must sustain a test from the respective level. This test must be signed by the student, the teacher and must have the approval of the headmaster of the Spanish Academy or School.
  • Submit an application for the issuing of a diploma and the authentication of the program, at the University Office in the correspondent region, by means of the Spanish school or academy’s headmaster. Such application must have the student’s full name and last name, nationality, age, coursed level, and promotion grade of the respective level. The documents listed in literals a) and b) must be enclosed.
  • The university’s staff in the correspondent region will proceed to take the necessary steps to obtain from the diploma and the program authentication. The required documents must be available for delivery in 48 work hours after the application is received. The school or academy headmaster must obtain the required documents from the university representative’s office of the correspondent region after the end of that period.

Any additional certification required will be carried out by the interested part or by the Spanish academy or school who may take care of this matter. The university will not take part of such issue.


The charge for university credit will be US$50.
This fee does not depend on the course fee, which is stated by the Spanish academy or school, according to their internal politics.

Credit transfer and acceptance from Universidad Rural de Guatemala to universities abroad, depends on the policies of the recipient university